Image result for CAREER  LAY OFF
I was let go, discarded like a piece of trash,
It has nothing to do with you they said,
concealed my emotions with a smile and thank you,
Walked away in shame with my head down,
I relied on family for comfort,
what a mistake, I was reminded of my faults,
words stabbed my non-existing ego,
I felt a wave of emptiness,
broken, until I was consoled by a dear friend,
as we parted ways, I felt incapable of self-reliance,
My enemy reached out to me,
deceived as I was, we bonded,
found comfort in our vents with one another,
hot tears burned my cheeks,
strangers stared as I wandered the jungle streets of nyc,
I no longer had the strength to hide,
I acknowledged hitting a low point,
I've been down this path before,
and thought this feeling shall pass,
this feeling will pass..
It has passed..
yet the remnants remain scattered,
like ashes on the ground.


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