As the season have passed,

I’ve grown out of you,

It was all an illusion,

tears were shed and moments were wasted,

however, I’ve realized I deserved better,

I’ve decided to live my life without waiting for you,

sometimes I wondered if I would ever run into you,

what would I say?

until the day finally came,

through the bustle of the subway stampede,

we passed each other by the station,

and we couldn’t help but look back at one another,

I wanted to say so much but I feared your reaction,

and without a word and a stare,

we continued through our own paths

I knew you no longer cared.


I’ve found comfort in myself,

I no longer care about being comforted by others,

I hold no expectations,

because I’ve lost the fear of monophobia,

I’ve grown quite numb to express sincere empathy,

because of life losses,

I refuse becoming attached,

It’s a distant memory I once felt,

because now in the company of others,

I long to be in deep transit on my own,

Comforted by solitude.

No longer the extrovert I tried to be.

Nor the life of the party.

But an introvert.