Freelance your way into success with a POSITIVE MIND!

I’m stuck in a job that I’m not particularly fond of. Another short-term position sucking the creative soul out of me. I despise that I am always treated as a “temp”. Even when introduced to others in the office. Yesterday was a day I wanted to quit because I read a complex facial expression on my boss while training me. These people hired me for a reason however, I feel as if they expect perfection. This makes me anxious. My heart desires creativity and less corporate seclusion.

Also, there is more pressure to work hard in this job knowing that it is not a permanent position and just a 15 week project with the “possibility of going permanent”. Coworkers can be harsh but sometimes life is about swallowing your pride and accepting the obstacles. Coworkers are quite clique-ish and that is okay as long as I stay out of it. If I don’t click with anyone, I’m there to learn, provide and receive a paycheck. I am professional, courteous and try to be as focused as I can. Occasionally, I’ll engage in small talk on light subjects to keep it light. I ask when I need to ask and take notes. On the contrary, it is hard to remain positive so I’ve started writing out my goals again as a self-reminder.

Learning a new software or a complete new field can be difficult. Fortunately, its a trait because one is gaining new skill sets. It’s evident that “trash talk” from other employees, will mostly likely occur during or after the training period. People get frustrated and it is human. However, I am learning to let it go, if I hear my name, I won’t assume it was about me and if it was… it is irrelevant. I am not there to make friends but to learn, focus and leave my work problems there. I hate talking about work outside of work , therefore I’m learning to delete the topic after hours. It helps me stay stress free when I do.

I’m truly frustrated with this state of limbo. After I got laid off last year, I’ve only been freelancing despite applying to permanent roles. Sometimes one has to choose what they can get in order to survive and build experience. Today is a clear example of why I’m doing this. I can still create art, play my electric guitar and write on the side. And attend live music shows because music is life at least for me. These hobbies keep me grounded and remind me not to quit because what is life?… when you don’t have enough funds for shows, rent and travel. Gotta keep hustling away.

If anyone feels stagnant in their just remember don’t leave until you save enough funds or find something better. You won’t regret it when you do. The main key is to continue to create if you’re a creative person like me but stuck in a corporate jail. Remember that everything is temporary.

Have a “teflon mind” where you can you can adapt to situations but not get attached. My issue for example is controlling anxiety, if I get constructive criticism in the workplace inside I’m suffering because I think I’m going to get fired. Basically I can set myself up for self-sabotage which is not healthy. I’ve been at this new freelance position for almost a month and everyday I’m learning. However, this is not going to stop me from pursuing my master’s degree.

My goal is to seek higher education and switch my career. Stating this out loud makes me feel great! It keeps me grounded when I feel like I’m drowning at work. If you feel this way, I’m glad you’re reading! because you’re not alone and just remember to stay positive and write out your goals everyday. Stay strong.


7 thoughts on “Freelance your way into success with a POSITIVE MIND!

  1. Debauched Moralist says:

    I am currently a third of the way through writing my first novel. Which means I have time for nothing else. I hated my job before, and now I find it even more difficult to go to work than ever My job is tedious, and back breaking, for very little money. I just want to break out of there and finish my book. The daily grind has taken its toll on me. No longer do I want to be herded around like sheep.

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    • nycfashionrebel says:

      You will find something! I can relate to this post and I appreciate your comment. Stay focused on search for something that is bearable that you can do as a job, but not something that will make you totally miserable. I had a job two years ago that was great where people treated me well but the work was DULL and now its the opposite, I’ve encountered several unprofessional unpleasant to work for in the fashion industry. The point is we need to continue working on our passion even if our side gig isn’t the greatest.

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      • Debauched Moralist says:

        I’m actually in the process of leaving my current job were I have to work 40-60 hours a week, and I’m returning to tending bar. I can work three nights and make more than a full week at my current job, and have an abundance of time to write. Most people think what I’m doing is foolish, they cannot comprehend my desire for the literary arts. I just laugh under my breath, and walk away. I never have any money, but my bills get paid, and I’m happy. Thanks for your input, always nice hearing from someone who understands.


      • nycfashionrebel says:

        Thanks for your feedback! Your current job sounds intense, however I think that you’ve made a smart decision, you came, you saw and conquered and now you’re done with that journey. People will always judge, so you don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you’re leaving your current job (unless you’re going to an interview). I’ve learned the hard way because I get angry when people criticize my life decisions. As I meditate, I realized there is no such thing as perfection and no experiences are the same. It all comes from a place of ignorance. At the end of the day, you should be proud of yourself because you are financially responsible and are making a decent living. We can always work on our creative passions on the side, just visualize, write your goals down, continue applying to more places and you’re more likely to land that dream writing role or sign that book deal. Stay positive my friend and don’t let anyone rain on your parade!

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