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When I spiraled into a hole of darkness,

You gave me hope,

You gave me a reason to hold on,

I valued your friendship,

You became my haven when I was tangled in a whirlwind,

however, it has dissipated into a oblivion,

You’re stubborn and proud,

More than I could ever try to be,

If I had never reached out to you,

You probably wouldn’t care,

Your words are sharper than a blade,

It’s stabbed my heart deeply,

Believing in you was the worst thing I did for myself,

Now I can’t trust anyone,

I am ruined once again,

My confidence is gone today,

but maybe I’ll regain it someday,

I surely missed you

And sometimes I think it wasn’t you,

Perhaps I just needed a friend,

A distraction from myself,

A rescue from my own issues.

This co-dependency was never healthy,

It’s evident we needed to part ways,

Letting go from our past and differences,

Now it’s time for me to be my own best friend.

I wish you nothing but the best,

Farewell, former friend.

New Beginnings

Finally doing this!

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